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BioWare Make Further Hints Towards Possible MMO Future For Mass Effect

Matt Gardner
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BioWare Make Further Hints Towards Possible MMO Future For Mass Effect

BioWare have made a few little noises about the vague possibility of making an MMO based within the Mass Effect universe, and recently Creative Director Casey Hudson suggested that, at least in his own opinion, a Mass Effect MMO would be an attractive proposition indeed.

'On a personal level, I think I would like to play a Mass Effect MMO,' said Hudson, chatting to CVG. 'I would love to just be in a lot of these locations. I would like to live in the Citadel, and walk around and do neat stuff, get caught up in adventures, and I think that's a lot of the feedback that we have from our fans; they want more adventures in their DLC, they want to make sure that your squad members are there, and have interactions with you, because it points to an interest in just living in the world versus being under pressure to finish the story which is another type of experience. Sure, it's a great experience, but I think when you build a universe - versus a one-off story - then I think people want to live in it.'

Hudson also said a little about the upcoming Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode - Galaxy At War, noting that PvP play simply wouldn't have felt right for the type of world-building experience that the studio was going for. When asked if future games could see the addition of competitive modes, Hudson stated that the most important thing to do would be to listen to fan feedback and ensure that the core components aren't compromised.

'Anything's possible, and we'll see how people react, what they say they want. The issue with PvP stuff, though, is that it really has the least to do with what would make sense about world building, which is what Mass Effect 3 is really about. So it would be the most trivial, tacked on thing that we could do.

'What we wanted to do, first and foremost, is ensure we didn't compromise the size and quality of the single-player experience; that when you're in the multiplayer world you feel as if you're residing in the same universe, in the same story, as Mass Effect 3.'

Jon got to grips with Galaxy At War a few weeks back. Read his Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Preview here.

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StolenDiagram  Nov. 17, 2011 at 21:52

Maybe Bioware should focus on their upcoming sci fi MMO first, before, you know, thinking another one might be a good idea


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