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BioWare Lift Lid On The Dragon Age Keep

Matt Gardner
BioWare, Dragon Age Keep, Dragon Age: Inquisition

BioWare Lift Lid On The Dragon Age Keep

"Customize a Dragon Age historical world state to your exact specifications"

BioWare have announced a preparatory service for Dragon Age: Inquisition called Dragon Age Keep, which will allow players to customise the world of Thedas to their satisfaction before exporting all of their choices and carrying them over to Inquisition.

Within the Keep, you’ll be able to customize a Dragon Age historical world state to your exact specifications," writes executive producer Mark Darrah over on BioWare's blog. "How did you modify your Warden and Hawke? Who were your companions? Who did you choose to romance? Who rose to power, and who fell in defeat? What legacy did you leave?

"Within the Keep, you’ll be able to customize as much or as little about the world of Thedas as you wish. Then you’ll be able to import your saved world state into DAI at the start of a new game. Have you lost or corrupted your save files? No problem — remake your world state on the Keep, and preserve it for the future. For those folks new to the Dragon Age franchise, the Keep will serve as a great way to understand the people, places, and events that shaped the world leading up to DAI."

BioWare are looking into the possibility of directly importing save files from Origins and DA2, though there's no information on that just yet. But there are obvious benefits to this cloud-based interactive prologue of sorts.

"Very early in the planning of DAI, we began to think about how we were going to address the issue of importing save game files. We were dealing with a brand new game engine, plus the next generation of consoles. It was a priority that our fans be able to have their decisions carry forward, regardless of their past or future platform.

"We realized that in order to make this work, we’d have to look into a cloud-based solution. Moving to the cloud allows players to take their unique world state into any platform (present or future) and even other media. For existing fans, an advantage of being in the cloud is that (if you are ok with spoilers) you can fully explore what-if scenarios, and become aware of events and consequences in our past games that you may not have known were possible.  You can then fire up the previous games and go exploring for those moments."

You can sign up for the beta already, which will apparently go live early next year, with universal access due "a few months before DAI gets released, in order to give fans plenty of time to experiment with scenarios and make their history exactly how they want."

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