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BioWare: Revealing Tali's Face 'Would Seem To Make Sense'

Matt Gardner
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Mass Effect 3

BioWare: Revealing Tali's Face 'Would Seem To Make Sense'

There was a lot of anticipation surrounding the culmination of one's relationship with Tali in Mass Effect 2, because the whole thing teased us with the inferred promise of revealing the Quarian's face for the first time...only that didn't happen at all.

Understandably, following BioWare's teasing tweet a few weeks back, we asked several BioWare reps point blank a couple of weeks ago whether or not we'd finally get to gaze upon the face of  Tali'Zorah nar Rayya.

'It would seem to make sense,' said project manager Ryan Warden. 'Mass Effect 3 will look to answer a lot of things, a lot of the burning questions that longtime fans have had. You'll certainly get your answer to that question.'

We pitched the same question to producer Mike Gamble later that day, which was met with several seconds of hushed referral with a PR rep from EA, a sheepish grin and a simple 'Yeah...I'm going to have to leave that one for now.'

Although still yet to be officially confirmed, we're hoping upon hope that our prayers are answered...although on present form we bet it'll probably be DLC-only content.

We'll have a Mass Effect 3 preview and interview with Mike Gamble for you tomorrow.


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dakan45  Sep. 1, 2011 at 20:19

No bioware, revealing it in mass effect 2 after i spented my entire playthrough trying to make her take off the helmet would have "made sense"

Not hiding it from the camera only to pop up in ME3.


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