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Bioware "Surprised" By Negative Dragon Age 2 Reception

Felix Kemp
BioWare, Dragon Age 2
Dragon Age II

Bioware "Surprised" By Negative Dragon Age 2 Reception

We were a little miffed with Dragon Age 2, Bioware's first sort of bad game. 'Bad' isn't quite the right word, but its a close approximation to how we felt stumbling through the disappointing story and into identical cave after identical room. Whereas the first game felt like a labor of love Bioware finally relinquished their grip on, Dragon Age 2 reeked of a rushed, business-minded venture, no doubt influenced by Bioware's new owners, EA. However, according to the developers themselves, they weren't quite prepared for the negative reception.

"If there's anything that's surprising, it's just how polarised some of the reaction has been," lead writer David Gaider told Gamasutra. He explains that such is the loyal and dedicated following of Bioware and Dragon Age that emotions can often be misconstrued. "There's a lot of love for Dragon Age among our fans, and that love can translate into passion." And by 'passion', David, I'm pretty certain you mean vehement anger.

He did try to put a positive spin on the whole debacle, claiming an extremely negative response is a far better outcome than one of mere indifference. "In my opinion, that's better than apathy, even if it forces you to filter out the extremes," he explains. "However, the criticism should not be dismissed as simple nostalgia. There are fans who felt disappointed... and there's a feeling [on our team] that we want to improve from the groundwork we've laid down."

It's obvious Bioware has taken the Dragon Age 2 criticism to heart, but instead of sour over the bad response, the team appear driven to make up for the slight misstep. Ensuring Mass Effect 3 doesn't feel so rushed and cut-down might do the trick, mate. [Gamasutra]

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Soulreape  Aug. 3, 2011 at 00:04

Thats what charging for actual pre-release DLC will do for you ! I am rather glad it failed, as I promised not to buy it until the game of the year edition eventually came out including all the DLC for half the price. Don't think I will bother at all now, and I have played every bioware game since the first Baldurs gate !

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