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"Travel to a new region of space" in the next Mass Effect... and a new franchise

Jonathan Lester
BioWare, EA, EA E3 2014 Press Conference, Mass Effect

BioWare are hard at work on the next Mass Effect game,  but any hopes of a full reveal have been well and truly scuppered by a coy little E3 tease rather than a big juicy announcement. However, the fact that they're charting a "new region of space," is potentially very exciting, allowing us to "explore new worlds and discover new characters," making it a fresh slate for the series.

However, they're also creating a "whole new game, built in an entirely new fictional world that is constantly changing." Details are minimal, but here's hoping that BioWare can rekindle the grand storytelling, wonderful characters and memorable universes that they are (were?) famed for.

What do you want from the next Mass Effect? A Contact Wars sequel? A far-flung continuation set many years after the conclusion of Mass Effect 3? Let us know!

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