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From BioWare's Rumoured Handheld Title To Dead Space 2's Multiplayer - News Roundup 12th September 2010

Matt Gardner
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Dead Space 2

Rumour Mill: BioWare At Work On An 'Unannounced Handheld Game'

From BioWare's Rumoured Handheld Title To Dead Space 2's Multiplayer - News Roundup 12th September 2010

According to the LinkedIn page of one of BioWare's QA Leads, Michael Fujino, who has 'Unannounced Handheld Game' listed as one of his current projects, it would seem that a portable title might well be in the works. The Canadian developers took on Sonic with their last portable title - Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood - actually managing to make the irritating lesser characters (yes, even Amy) not only bearable, but pretty badass.

If all of this hints towards a Chronicles sequel, we'd be pretty damn excited, although details are scarce at the moment - this mysterious possible game isn't even acknowledged in any shape or form on the BioWare website. We already know Dragon Age won't be going portable - co-founder Greg Zeschuk has said as much - but could we see an Old Republic-based Star Wars game appear on a handheld? Doubtful...but maybe if we all cross our fingers really hard...[1UP]

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate Of Two Worlds - New Trailer!

Take three minutes. Sit back. Get comfy...and watch Captain America beat up a helicopter with his shield. It has almost no bearing on the actual game itself, aside from confirming Mega Man's Tron Bonne as a character, but we need this:

[via Gamespot]

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Won't Be Toned Down For Consoles

From BioWare's Rumoured Handheld Title To Dead Space 2's Multiplayer - News Roundup 12th September 2010

Are you a console gamer? Do you have a mate who much prefers to game on PC? Do they constantly and mercilessly rib you about your inferior hardware and shoddier performance? Well no more!...not for Deus Ex, anyway, as designer Jean Francois Dugas has said the game has not been toned down for consoles, which means that console gamers should be able to enjoy the exact same experience as their PC-based comrades.

'I think PC is a great platform, but I think consoles are a great platform, too. [...] Back in the ’90s, games on the two platforms were very different, but I think these days it’s all about bringing things together – movies, TV, music – they’re all converging in the same places for everyone to access.

I see it as convergence, and it’s the same for games. We didn’t think, "Oh, it’s coming to console; it has to be easy".

We can have a very deep experience, but it’s important that if you want to just jump in to it, you can jump in to it. It’s not about removing complexity or cutting possibilities: it’s about the way the complexity is introduced.'

With the possible exception of Bioshock Infinite, Human Revolution was certainly the game we were most excited about coming out of Gamescom last month, and that hasn't changed. This is good news for all concerned, frankly, and hopefully we'll be seeing some universal acclaim across the board if Eidos manage to deliver the goods. [VG247]

Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Trailer

So the rumours are true, then. And here's a visual taster, courtesy of GameTrailers.

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CompactDistance  Sep. 12, 2010 at 19:12

Deus Ex Invisible War's PC version was nerfed owing to it being on the Xbox too, looks like the same is happening here.


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