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Bite The Bullet, With The New RAGE 'Arsenal' Trailer

Felix Kemp
Games news, RAGE

We're big fans of RAGE here at Dealspwn, as we eagerly await id's post-apocalyptic return to the fray. With it being a shooter and all, you'd be right in thinking it features a fair few weapons of the firearm variety. But you might be wondering; what sort of guns? And what does it look like when I shoot them? Am I right? Well, if I am, you'll be pretty chuffed with this; a new RAGE trailer, focused entirely on the guns at your disposal.

First off, we get to see the Authority Assault Rifle. Which, judging by the name, belongs to RAGE's big bad force, the Authority. It's your standard-issue rifle, with fully-automatic fire sporting a fancy scope for long-range shots. Next, the aptly named Pistol, a meaty little number with a wooden grip and magnum-style revolving magazine. It, too, features a scope, but for the life of me I can't see it.

Shortly followed by the Settler Machine Gun, which appears to be an AK47 re-purposed with that post-apocalyptic fashion fancy; old straps and duct-tape. Then we get our first look at the Turret, an automated machine gun you can deploy to mow down hapless mutants. Hapless! What's next? Why it's the Wingstick, a sort of homicidal boomerang with a penchant for decapitation. As you do.

Like shotguns? Well you'll love RAGE's shotgun! Continuing id's strong tradition of all-halting shotguns, the six-gauge in RAGE drops mutants harder than a hammer. Is that even a phrase? We see a tasty Crossbow, too, that pins mutants to the floor, harpoons their necks or can even electrocute them. Fancy. The rest of the trailer montages all the death-dealing possibilities at your fingertips in RAGE. Enjoy.

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Andrew  Apr. 12, 2011 at 08:30

hmm, that pistols alt-fire looks odd, it uses a scope in the off-hand to zoom in, which somehow make you aim better with your weapon-hand - how does that work?


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