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Black Nintendo Wii with Wii Sports Resort & MotionPlus £149.95 @ John Lewis.

Brendan Griffiths
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Black Nintendo Wii with Wii Sports Resort & MotionPlus £149.95 @ John Lewis.

If you’ve been holding off getting one of Nintendo’s little world beaters until the right deal came along, you’ll be very tempted now. This Limited Edition box contains the awesomely slick, black Wii console, a stand, one nunchuk, one remote and the MotionPlus add-on block with remote cover.

The pack contains two games, the classic Wii Sports with a small collection of party games that everyone will be familiar with by now, that comes with consoles as standard. You’ll also get the sequel Wii Sports Resort, with many more games and the added sensitivity to the controls thanks to the MotionPlus block.

This is around £10 cheaper than the next best Deals at Game and Gamestation.

Sony and Microsoft might be trundling out their own motion control set-ups soon, but there’s no denying the Wii’s charm for the aforementioned sports games and the well-loved Super Mario Galaxy, New Super Mario Bros. and Mario Kart (one man show right?). But there are a few other classics hidden amongst all the kid’s shovelware such as Dead space: Extraction and Muramasa.

Generally the Wii’s strongest suit is party multiplayer, with no other console attracting such a diverse audience. So if you have parties every weekend then surely this could find a place at your home. You can even get Wii Fit later on to try and fix the excess of the night before. Actually don’t try Wii Fit when you’re hungover. Ever.

Don’t forget you can play GameCube games on the Wii if you’ve got any lying around or you spot any cheap second-hand ones. If you’ve got wireless broadband at home, you’ll have access to the Wii’s online gaming and to the store where you can buy extra Wii mini-games or old Nintendo classics from the Virtual Console section. There’s even a free web browser if you can hold your hand steady enough to use the on-screen keyboard!

You buy online items with Wii Points which you can pay for online with a credit or a Visa debit card. Or you can buy points cards from websites and in-store at the usual outlets. If you are planning on downloading titles, then you’ll want to invest in an SD memory card as the Wii’s 512MB internal memory doesn’t last long. Extra controllers are a must too, they’re not cheap, but chances are you’ve already got a few mates with a Wii so ask them to bring theirs instead.

This is the best Deal I’ve seen for the black Wii. Just look at it, how much cooler does it look than the old white one? It’s almost like a grown-up console! If your TV and everything else is black then this will fit right in. Plus chicks dig neon blue lights on black electricals. Right?

Most importantly, if you do buy a Wii, take regular intervals to explain to the cat that you’re not having a mental breakdown in the living room and for god’s sake remember to close the curtains!

Thanks to seamonster at HotUkDeals.com for the great spot.

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