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Black Ops Annihilation Map Pack Trailer

Felix Kemp
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Call of Duty: Black Ops

Black Ops Annihilation Map Pack Trailer

As if it wouldn't be real! We've been covering the leaked Black Ops third map pack all week, but now Activision have officially made it official! Like previous map pack announcements, it's accompanied by a vidoc from Treyarch detailing the Annihilation Map Pack, which features four new multiplayer maps, and another meaty Nazi Zombies offering.

First off, we've got Hangar 18. Which, as you might expect, is set in an aircraft hangar located near Area 51. Treyarch tease that quite a few easter eggs can be uncovered in the medium-sized map, which fans of Modern Warfare 2 may be pleased to hear resembles Terminal from Infinity Ward's last offering, with all the action revolving around a docked Blackbird jet.

Next up, Silo; set in a Russian nuclear missile compound, Treyarch boast its one of the largest maps available in the entire game, with a sprawling construction site and test facility. It's vast, dense design encourages tactical play, with Treyarch revealing smart players who like setting traps or decoys will enjoy what's on offer.

In at third, we have Drive-In. Intended to "emulate the style" of Nuketown, Black Ops' most popular map - even though its probably the worst designed - Drive-In throws a smattering of American diner and entertainment-themed buildings around a wide open space, with encounters plentiful in the choked play-space.

Last up, Hazard. A re-imagining of World of War's Cliffside map - which Treyarch was also responsible for - it's set in a once-luxurious, now bombed-out golf resort, with its wide open spaces and exposed grounds intended to encourage long-distance combat. The first offering of Black Ops maps didn't do much to appease fans of sniping, and with their three-strong map packs, Treyarch have sought to alleviate this, with Hazard looking likely to delight scope-lovers.

And, finally, the Nazi Zombies offering. We've battled the bastards in abandoned mansions, across Russian cosmonaut facilities and even with the likes of Buffy and Danny Trejo at our sides. Now, we're fighting for our lives in the mythical region of Shangri-La. Under the golden light of a setting sun, the tropical jungle and ancient ruins provide a stark contrast to what we're used to, with rope-bridges and waterfalls commonplace. Glimpsed in the trailer include slides for quick getaways, razor-sharp bamboo traps and cages, and even mine-carts!

While the price - 1200 MS Points - is always a point for concern, you can't fault Treyarch for their ambition. With every map pack they up the ante and continue to outdo themselves, and Annihilation looks set to provide some classic Call of Duty action. [Youtube]

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Late  Jun. 17, 2011 at 19:59

Aside from Hazard (I don't like sniper rifles) that all looks/sounds great :D

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