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Black Ops Receives New Title Update And Xbox Live Demo

Jonathan Lester
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Call of Duty: Black Ops

PS3 Patch & DLC Incoming

Black Ops Receives New Title Update And Xbox Live Demo

Treyarch has released Title Update 7 for the Xbox 360 version of Call Of Duty: Black Ops along with a taster demo on Xbox Live. Better late than never, I suppose. We've got the list of fixes, tweaks and demo details after the jump, along with the date for another PS3 patch.

Title Update 7 sharpens up the speed and accuracy of the matchmaking servers, making the proceedings much quicker and less likely to produce poor results. Apparently this will continue to be tweaked over the coming weeks. The in-game store has also been rejigged in order that only compatible language DLC packs show up, and the chopper gunner perk is now less likely to cancel if it's called in during an unsuccessful gunship run. In case you're interested, Sniper Rifles are also going to handle a little differently and have been further balanced.

The Zombie mode has also seen a number of tweaks, most of which repair exploits discovered by the online community. The lobbies should also be much more stable.

The patch also includes "additional security feature updates," which has been at the top of Treyarch's agenda recently. You can read up on the specifics in the Call Of Duty forum.

A patch for the horrendously controversial PS3 version will hit on March 3rd along with the First Strike DLC Map Pack.

Finally, BlOps has also received a singleplayer PC demo. Just in case you haven't already bought it , it contains a segment from one of the later levels.

Highlights of the mission include reconnaissance in a supersonic Spy Plane, mountain top rappelling and base-jumping, and fighting enemies in stealth mode as well as full firefight mode.

You can snag the 916MB download here.

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Infinite Element  Mar. 1, 2011 at 16:30

Where's the PC demo?


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