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Blackley: 'The Console Business Has Won'

Matt Gardner
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Blackley: 'The Console Business Has Won'

Xbox co-creator Seamus Blackley has suggested, in the latest edition of EDGE, that the rampant success of games on iOS and social networking platforms such as Facebook has not spelled doom for the console industry...rather it has underlined a 'total victory'.

All kinds of people are releasing consoles. They're called iPads, and Facebook. What's happened is not that the console business has died, it's that it has won. You can't release a device that's not a console now, and if you release one that can't be a good console, it will fail. It's just true. - Seamus Blackley

Blackley suggests that Apple's successes have come about rather by accident, arguing that Apple never intended for gaming to be the most prominent aspect of its devices - 'They hated videogames,' he states, before going on to emphatically suggest that Apple's arrival at the gaming party is tantamount to what Charlie Sheen might call #winning.

They tried real hard to make the iPad about word processing and music, and the audience just doesn't want it. It's beautiful. You don't need to have a games strategy anymore. You need to have a strategy so that your platform isn't disadvantaged in playing games, because gaming is going to be the number one activity on any platform. The highest calling of any digital device is to play a game.

Although there's possibly a little bit of brand rival bullishness going on, Blackley has a pretty good point, although Amazon would probably cough politely and then shove a Kindle-shaped spanner in the works to be the exception that might prove the rule. On a personal level, I rather publicly mocked the iPad before release, frothily demanding to know how the hell it would enrich my life aside from making me slightly more trendy. But it's the games. It's probably the finest handheld gaming platform since the 3DS, and it offers far more variety than Nintendo's handheld did.

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