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Blacklight: Retribution & Primal Carnage: Genesis Confirmed For PS4

Jonathan Lester
Blacklight: Retribution, Free to play, Primal Carnage: Genesis, PS4 games
PlayStation 4

Blacklight: Retribution & Primal Carnage: Genesis Confirmed For PS4
The PS4 is ready and waiting to embrace independent games and new pricing models, as evidenced by a free to play and episodic shooter being confirmed for the platform.

As detailed on the EU PlayStation Blog, Zombie Studios' Blacklight: Retribution is bringing its freemium brand of big guns and copious customisation to Sony's recently-announced console. It'll retain the same free to play but pay for more pricing model as the PC original. Also, mechs. Joystiq reports that Sony has kicked in some Indie Pub Fund capital to get the project off the ground, technically making this the first pub-funded game for the PS4.

Primal Carnage: Genesis will also make its debut on Sony's system. Unlike the original humans-on-dinosaurs multiplayer shooter, it's an episodic singleplayer experience (hence the 'Genesis' subtitle) that will gradually tell its story throughout several cut-price downloadable chapters.

It's clear that Sony are aggressively experimenting with new ways to price and sell games, while making it easier for indies to get onto the platform.

This is just the tip of a massive Sony GDC news iceberg, as the platform holder held a major GDC event last night (UK time). Watch this space.

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