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Blacklight Retribution Trailer: Capturing Hardsuits...

Jonathan Lester
Blacklight: Retribution, Free to play, Mechs, PC games, trailer, Zombie Studios

Blacklight Retribution Trailer: Capturing Hardsuits...

... Then Bringing The Rain

Blacklight Retribution, the free to play successor to Blacklight: Tango Down, keeps looking more promising every time we see it. This latest trailer shows off the massive mech hardsuits, how to capture then and subsequently rock their loadouts for yourself. Hopefully this won't just lead to everyone using a flamethrower all the time though.

We also get to see the Hyper Reality Visor in action, which allows us to see incoming hazards and weapon caches ahead of time. We'll doubtlessly hear more about Retribution, which is currently in beta, over the coming months.

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