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Blizzard Details Incoming World Of Warcraft Class Changes

Jonathan Lester
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Blizzard Details Incoming World Of Warcraft Class Changes

If you're not a World Of Warcraft player, there's nothing for you here. Seriously.

If you are, however, you may be interested to know that Blizzard lead systems designer Greg Street has detailed a sweeping glut of class balance changes headed to the evergreen MMORPG in patch 5.4.

We're not a WoW special interest site, so in an effort to keep things snappy, I'll point you to the exhaustive water cooler blog post with all due haste. Plus, he can explain it better than I can clumsily paraphrase it. There's a paragraph or five for each class explaining the proposed tweaks, many of which have the community up in arms. Street has addressed some of this feedback proactively, suggesting that even though some of these changes will feel punitive, his "primary goal is to keep everyone having fun."

“That includes redesigning awkward mechanics and buffing weak spells, but it also means nerfing overpowered mechanics so that other classes or specs don’t feel as if they can’t compete," he continued. “I won’t pretend that we’ll get everything perfect this time around either, but we should be closer. Please keep providing us with specific, constructive feedback. We still have time to respond to feedback, even after the patch launches.”

Many of these proposed changes are already up and running on the PTR. [via Polygon]

In my experience, when people complain about every class and every spec being overpowered, a game is probably balanced nigh-on perfectly. Still, let us know if you see something you like - or utterly detest.

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