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Blizzard "Hope" The Old Republic Is A Success

Felix Kemp
Games news, Star Wars The Old Republic, World of Warcraft

Blizzard "Hope" The Old Republic Is A Success

Being top dog has its benefits. For one, the other dogs are smaller than you, which is always a weight off your mind. Secondly, you can feign modesty and support for rivals, simply because it looks good and you don't really care. Take Blizzard, for example, creators of the billion-dollar averaging World of Warcraft phenomenon - you might have heard of it - who are hoping direct competitor Star Wars The Old Republic can "bring in a lot of new players to the MMO genre".

Blizzard's enthusiasm for their rivals is in stark contrast to The Old Republic's publisher, EA, who called out World of Warcraft for feeling like "a shopping list at times". Typical PR rhetoric, really, in keeping with EA's brash public image and support for their titles. Blizzard, however, can afford to be blase about the competition. Their stronghold over the MMO market is implacable, and in their own words, "This [The Old Republic] is a game that has an opportunity to grow the MMO market if done right".

We're pretty hopeful for The Old Republic here at Dealspwn, putting aside our inconsolable grief for not getting a proper next-gen KOTOR. EA is hoping their cinematic approach to the MMO genre will help sway fans from their mainstays like WoW and co. It helps having the brand-recognition of a mass-media phenomenon like Star Wars, even if the rumor mill is rife with talks of the game's ongoing development strife. [Joystiq]

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Alex  Mar. 19, 2011 at 22:10

The Old Republic has the potential to be massive. It does need to be very wary of just becoming purely mission driven - it needs to have a great sense of community as well. Players need access to tools to allow creativity, form guilds for example. Star Wars Galaxies was great for this before the game lost it's way with things like the New Game Experience. If ToR can retain what made SWG great and couple it with Bioware's mastery of storytelling then they could have a game to very easily rival WoW I reckon.


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