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Blood Bowl £11.99 @ Play [PC Games]

Marius Goubert
Blood Brawl, PC games, Sports Games

Blood Bowl £11.99 @ Play [PC Games] Blood Bowl was one area of the Warhammer franchise which I personally never experienced. But for those who did, and who enjoy turn based PC games with a great level depth, this translation of the tabletop board game will be a welcome addition to the game collection. You can currently get you hands on a copy for just £11.99 from Play.com which gives you a massive saving compared with the next best deal which, according to price comparison, comes in £17.99.

For those who don’t know, Blood Bowl is basically a fantasy style version of American football – but one which has been stripped of some its more complex rules and regulations. The player can assume any one of four fantasy races, all of whom have various skills and attributes. Elves, for example, are faster and better at passing; whilst the more sturdily built and brutish orcs are slower, but better when it comes to violently obliterating the opposition. Matches consist of rolling the dice and carrying out various plays with the ultimate goal of moving your players down to the end zone and scoring a touch down.

The fact that each fantasy race provides the player with certain advantages is not the only gameplay element which offers an opportunity for strategy however. Players can gradually build up the skills of their key players throughout the single player campaign which gives Blood Bowl a great sense of progression, but it can also be maddening when the opposition decide to maul a player you’ve spent hours carefully crafting. The gameplay can be very frustrating, and the fact that the tutorials are poor means that Blood Bowl makes few concessions for beginners. So, like Warhammer it seems, whilst obsessing some, Blood Bowl will mystify others. A good game but definitely an acquired taste…Blood Bowl £11.99 @ Play [PC Games]

Thanks to Emmajk42 from Hotukdeals.

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Emma Kelly  Nov. 18, 2009 at 16:13

Oh! Think it's dead now - back to £24.99 :(


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