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Bloody Roar 5 Announced?

Felix Kemp
Bloody Roar 5, Fighting Games, Hudson Soft

Bloody Roar 5 Announced?

UPDATE: Reports are flying in to discredit the source of this news. Indeed, the @HudsonSoftLTD account has only been active since March 2011 and could simply be an optimistic fan-feed. The official Bloody Roar website hasn't been touched since 2003, with no sign of even a whiff of a new game.

Hudson were bought out by Konami earlier this year, at which point CEO Morgan Haro made the following announcement:

'A special note goes to the fans demanding a return of the Bloody Roar series. It was something I personally pushed for in the company, despite the crowded fighting game market. With digital distribution channels like XBLA and PSN, I felt there was a chance, if done right, to re-invigorate the series. There were some game design documents sent around internally of some spin-offs of the series, but it didn’t seem like it was the right direction. There was a chance for something to happen late 2011, early 2012; but clearly, we won’t see what was to be. To the Bloody Roar fans out there, I read every single one of your messages, petitions, and calls for the series to be brought back. You guys are awesome, and perhaps some day, a developer and a publisher will pick it up, and do it justice. Until then, just know, you guys rock.'

You would have thought if it was happening at all, Konami might have saved it for TGS. We've contacted Konami for comment. Thanks, TheSixthAxis.

Bloody Hell!

The venerable Bloody Roar series appears set for a reboot, with developers Hudson Soft announcing the news via Twitter. Titled Bloody Roar 5, it'll feature the original roster such as Hans, Mitsuko, and Greg, as well as a few new faces, we expect. A 3D fighter, Bloody Roar's unique appeal stemmed from its cast's ability to transform into beastly animal hybrids.

The last Bloody Roar game, BR 4, hit store shelves all the way back in 2003. A stalwart of the arcades, I can still remember poring over pictures of the game in a magazine in the early 2000s, fascinated by the animal-human hybrid characters. I begged for my parents to buy it for me on the spot, but I would ultimately have to wait until Christmas, when my cousins would show up with Tekken Tag. Poor Bloody Roar; it didn't stand a chance. [Twitter]

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katsuyashiori  Oct. 3, 2011 at 11:32

Fake. Check the Hudson Website.

MattGardner  Oct. 3, 2011 at 14:02



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