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Blue Toad Murder Files Episode 3 FREE @ PSN [PS3 Games]

Brendan Griffiths
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Blue Toad Murder Files Episode 3 FREE @ PSN [PS3 Games]

If you enjoyed the first two episodes of this family-orientated mystery and puzzle game but felt a little narked at stumping up a tenner for around three hours of gaming, then you’ll be delighted to hear that you can now get the third episode of the Blue Toad Murder Files for FREE for a month on the PSN Store. Let’s hope they let you sort out the mess from the end of Episode 1 that was somewhat swept under the rug for Episode 2!

You will need to have at least the first episode to get this for free. You can buy that for £6.29 or get a discount by getting the second episode too in a £9.99 bundle.

For newcomers, the game has you wondering around the "quintessentially quaint” countryside village of Little Riddle, solving puzzles to find the culprit of that episodes big mystery. The village looks like a shiny, high-def version of Postman Pat’s world. It’s all vibrant colours, babbling brooks, duck ponds, country manors, twee shops and a small train station.

Puzzles involve anagrams, word searches and maths (boo the maths!). Or they might involve rearranging pipes or maze pieces. You’ll also need to keep a keen eye (and ear) on random details that you’ll be quizzed on too. By the end of each episode you’re asked to collect your evidence together and pick your culprit from a line-up.

I found the first two games to be enjoyable first time around. However they suffered with a lack of replay value with no variation to the puzzle questions or answers second time around which at least made it way easier to get a gold rating! A word of warning though, Episode 2 is considerably tougher.

The bright graphics, well animated characters, brilliantly cheesy acting and script made it a worthy experience though. All the voices were done by one man, which once your hear them all is quite a feat.

This offer expires March 25th 2010. If you do enjoy yourself in Little Riddle you can look forward to Episodes 4-6 on April 8th 2010.

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