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Blur £24.99 @ Play [Xbox 360/PS3 Games]

Tom Silkstone
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Blur £24.99 @ Play [Xbox 360/PS3 Games]

NB. ShopTo have just lowered the price on the PS3 version to £24.85, which'll save you a few pennies, but this is still the best deal for Xbox 360 owners. Click here to head over to ShopTo and buy Blur for £24.85 on the PS3.

Hot on the heels of my last Blur deal post, another one screeches into the lead for cheapest on the market!

You can now collect a copy of the game from play for £24.99, which'll make you a saving of over £7 on the next best deal for both platforms of £32.27 from Tesco Entertainment.

There are a number of reasons that I want this game. The first is the fact that the cars are fitted with enough weapons to make James Bond proud, which turns a simple race to the finish line into a brutal battle for survival. You can also choose from a selection of real life vehicles and race them around slightly warped versions of famous cities, such as London and Los Angeles.

The single player is a real challenge to play through, thanks largely to the AI, which is all too happy to launch its entire arsenal at you at every given opportunity. Whilst you'll have a heart pounding adventure trying to cross the finish line first in addition to keeping your vehicle intact, the sections of the game that are purely racing based or destruction based feel a little bit more relaxed and focused on a specific goal.

Both online multiplayer and split screen enjoyed with a couple of friends on a lazy afternoon, turn into oil soaked bouts of carnage in mere moments, so you'll need to keep your wits about you from the moment the starting flag comes down.

Whether you're looking for an alternative to Mario Kart, or want to turn the latest super cars into twisted metal shells of their former selves, you're almost certain to have a good time with Blur.

Thanks to WRXiceman and MadAngie @ HUKD

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