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Blur £29.99 @ Game Gears [Xbox 360 & PS3 Games]

Tom Silkstone
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Blur £29.99 @ Game Gears [Xbox 360 & PS3 Games]

I love the conversation that must have occurred early on in the Blur development team's office, "Hey, so how can we increase the danger levels associated with high speed driving on busy roads in built-up areas? Hmmmmmmm, aha I've got it! Lets outfit the cars with weapons as well!"

You can drive away with a copy of the game on either the Xbox or PS3 for £29.99 from Game Gears, which is a remarkable price considering the game only came out a few days ago, and should save you just over £2 on the next best offer of £32.27 coming in from Tesco Entertainment.

Now, I haven't bought this game yet, but I want it! Bizarre Creations, who were behind Project Gotham Racing, allow gamers to enter into a much more challenging racing combat title than light hearted romps such as Mario Kart. The levels, which are slightly warped versions of their real life alter egos, and the cars, also add a little bit of realism to the experience; granted a Ford transit van with an F1 engine that has shields and weapons isn't exactly the norm in everyday life, but its a little more so than a monkey who's throwing shells at a talking mushroom whilst driving a go-kart.

In single player the AI takes no prisoners! Whilst you're trying to get to grips with the controls in the early levels, which most racing game fans will know isn't the easiest of things to do when starting a new game, the computer characters will launch a barrage of infuriating attacks at you. As a result the sections of the single player that combine racing and combat, often descend into chaos fairly quickly, especially when the track is teaming with racers.

Multiplayer is a great deal of fun and you'll more than likely find yourself switching it on for a bit of four player split screen, on a lazy Saturday afternoon when a couple of friends pop round. Online can be a bit of a crazy caper, as the sheer number of players will often find you scrabbling your way around the track not only for a finishing position, but merely to keep your vehicle intact for as long as possible.

If you want to burn rubber with top of the range super cars whilst reducing your opponents vehicles to steaming piles of scrap, then you should definitely check out Blur.

Thanks to pjc83 @ HUKD

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Jacob Kreed  May. 31, 2010 at 17:42

Strange release of Blur, couldnt find it in Game (PS3 Version), Couldnt find it in Blockbuster. Played Spilt Second got blown away by the gameplay...its Burnout 3 for NG. I wanted to get Blur for the PS3. But I need a Demo to make up my mind, 3 cars out over 2 weeks. Modnation Demo Excellent, Split Second Demo Excellent...wheres the Blur demo for PS3....Saw it on Xbox 360....looked very slow, saw it on Youtube...looked slow....I need to play it...help !!! Or should I just wait for Game of Year Edition with all the DLC Content .....

Jacob Kreed  Jun. 1, 2010 at 14:13

Found another video, of the game...the game looks perfect...gonna buy it...


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