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Let The Bodies Hit The Floor: Bodycount Launch Trailer Features New Gameplay Footage

Matt Gardner
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Let The Bodies Hit The Floor: Bodycount Launch Trailer Features New Gameplay Footage

Bodycount is getting a bit of a bashing in some quarters, probably because Codemasters have been very overt is stressing that this game has not been designed to simply fit in with FPS convention. The team are hoping it'll do something different rather than subscribe to the Call of Battlefield template, and we have to admit we saw glimmers of that back at E3.

The time for theorising is almost at an end, though, with the game due to hit store shelves imminently, and we'll have a critical appraisal for you of the finished product soon. In the meantime, stick the launch trailer in your face and discuss whether or not the music in the video is appropriate or not.

Just a thought.

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fanpages  Aug. 31, 2011 at 12:00

I was really disappointed with the [PS3] playable demo of this title.

More like "Brink" than "Black".

Not that I dislike "Brink", but I just was just expecting so much more depth & variety in the game-play of "Bodycount" after reading/hearing about Stuart Black (sorry, "Bodycount") for what seems like years before he left the project.

The game has now dropped off my pre-order list, & probably won't feature as a priority purchase for a while (if at all).

Such a pity.



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curzonmike  Aug. 31, 2011 at 17:01

Couldn't get on with it. Maybe the final game is better, but just seemed like a slightly above average shooter from the demo.


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