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New Bodycount Dev Diary Has Guns, Lots Of Guns

Matt Gardner
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New Bodycount Dev Diary Has Guns, Lots Of Guns

We were quietly impressed with how Bodycount was coming along when we saw it back at E3, the arcade, OTT stylings making for some intense firefights, with a largely destructible environment and defiantly innovative lean mechanic particularly standing out for us. In addition to that, though, there are guns. Lots and lots of guns.

'FPS fans are going to enjoy Bodycount because it actually feels impactful to fire a weapon. It's got a consequence, something always happens. We've spent a lot of time crafting that and making it feel really violent,' says director Andrew Wilson. This is what we love about John Woo films: every bullet hits something, and it's an experience Codemasters are really trying to replicate here.

'Firing a weapon in real life is a visceral, dynamic experience,' suggests Weapon Designer Chris Healy. 'We try to emulate that as best we can through synchronisation of things like rumble, pumping the field of view, rising the camera during the recoil. Really trying to get that sense of that punch in the weapon coming through the TV, through the pad.'

Check out the trailer to find out more.

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DMERC  Aug. 2, 2011 at 11:33

"we've definitely done something that’s different"

First impressions... Doesn’t seem THAT different. Seems like Bulletstorm with destructible environments.

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