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Booth Babes Gone Bad

Tamsin Oxford

Sometimes it just isn’t pretty...

We all know them and many of us love to hate them but Booth Babes are a stalwart of the gaming industry. Any event with games in will have a bevy of babes gambolling about in a startling array of outfits. Sadly, some of these just aren’t a great idea and we pity the poor babes that had to endure them.


Booth Babes Gone Bad

Why would any self-respecting vampire be caught dead in a swimming costume with a collar? A collar! Then, to top it all off, you have a metal emblem on her PG Rated bits and a wig that looks as if it has recently been fed through a steam roller. No wonder that poor chap looks terrified, nothing’s holding anything in!

Tinsel Bits

Booth Babes Gone Bad

She looks angry. I don’t blame her. Let’s look at this outfit shall we. Tights, check, nice and red with lots of detail. Fantastic, nice and sexy. Hat, weird but expected, so it gets a tick too. Shirt – half pirate, half Jack Nicholson on a bender, ok we’ll pass that. Collapsible panties, epic fail.

Clown Terror

Booth Babes Gone Bad

Adam Macintyre’s girlfriend was a hit at E3 although her tendency to pull weird signs and eat the brains of unsuspecting tourists soon became embarrassing. After an unfortunate incident involving a hairbrush, stud sharpeners and a door handle, the developers were forced to have her turned to stone.


Booth Babes Gone Bad

Aaaiieee! Yes, cows have featured in all sorts of great games like Black & White and are eminently cool but to stick udders on a gun-toting woman body painted as a cow? Who in heaven’s name believed that this was a great look for a beautiful woman? Udderly ridiculous. (Sorry)


Booth Babes Gone Bad

Having lost her powers of telepathy, Phoenix decides to use the phone. This is understandable in LA where the interference must be awful, however it took me at least ten minutes before I decided that this wasn’t a man in drag. Face of a girl but that costume turns her into a cross-dressing behemoth. Flee!


Booth Babes Gone Bad

This is supposed to be a Booth Babe although perhaps the developers were on a budget and that’s one of them secreted under there. I wonder if they thought  that by dressing in sparkly colours they could pass him off as a hot woman. I don’t really care. I’m far more worried about the codpiece and disturbing protrusions out of either thigh.

Booth Babe

Booth Babes Gone Bad

Nuff said...


Booth Babes Gone Bad

These two lovelies are definitely the epitome of Booth Babe sexiness but it’s the expression on the face of Babe Number 1 that really makes this one of the funniest picture I’ve seen. It says, “Please, please kill me”.


Booth Babes Gone Bad

“Frank, I’d like you to make sure we get a really hot woman for our booth this year. Last year our rivals completely outdid us.”

“Yes, boss, but don’t you think...”

“Just do it, Frank, just do it. And make sure she promotes that new game about the American Indians. Or is it the jungle?”


“Oh and stick a motherboard onto her arm or something, make her look techy.”

(Sometimes yeti fur just isn’t the answer)

Hot Dog

Booth Babes Gone Bad

The plan was to look like a cool zombie. The result made her look like she was ambushed by a horde of starving size zero models at a free hot dog giveaway. Ketchup anyone?

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GreyScale  Oct. 5, 2009 at 14:49

To be fair the majority of these are amateur cosplayers not professional models. There are some really horrendous cosplay outfits around...


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