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Borderlands £17.49 @ Sendit [Xbox 360 Games]

Marius Goubert
Borderlands, First person shooter, Role playing game, Xbox 360 games
Borderlands | Xbox 360

Borderlands £17.49 @ Sendit [Xbox 360 Games]Effectively a first person shooter with elements of role play (like upgradable stats, levels and skills etc) Borderlands is what Gearbox have coined a ‘role-play-shooter’. And while the game might not have the most intricately woven storyline (unfortunately its role-play elements don’t encompass a Fallout 3-style choices and consequences format) there’s enough loot to up for grabs, enough statistical development, and enough character and weapon customization to obsess even the most reticent RPG fan. So if you’re intrigued, Borderlands has currently fallen in price to an all time low of £17.49 from Sendit.

The setting for Borderlands is the planet Pandora where, after initial attempts at colonization failed because of a lack of resources, a crude, kind of Mad-Max-2-style society developed – mostly consisting of bandits and scavengers. Overall it’s a fantastic place to go adventuring, and the clash between a declining-post-apocalyptic world full of tons of exotic sci-fi technology is a vision which has been brilliantly realised by Gearbox.

The player assumes the role of one of four characters, all with their own different primary action abilities. You can either play as Brick the berserker who is strong in melee combat, Lilith the siren whose powers allow her to, amongst other things, turn invisible. Mordecai, who is good with pistols and rifles, and also has a pet called Bloodwing who is handy for long ranged attacks. And Roland, an ex-merc who deploys a turret to give him an edge with close ranged combat.

Throughout the game, Borderlands allows you to upgrade by allocating points to your skill tree, which either increases the damage you dish out, the damage you can take, or the power of your primary action – although a few reviewers do complain that Borderlands’ character ability archetypes felt a bit too limited. Weapon customization on the other hand is vast. The game uses a so called Procedural Content Creation System which allows for somewhere in the region of 17 million weapon variations to be generated. So much of the gameplay consists of tweaking weapons, or else plundering the world for different items and components.

Overall, Borderlands is an original and stylish role-play-shooter which, despite a few gripes about the storyline and lack of variation when it comes to character upgrades from a few reviewers, certainly deserves its critical acclaim, and is  undoubtedly one of the most unusual and interesting titles of 2009.

Thanks to Millarcat from Hotukdeals.

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