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Borderlands 2 UI Rebuilt "From Scratch"

Felix Kemp
Borderlands 2, Gearbox Software

Borderlands 2 UI Rebuilt "From Scratch"

We're all pretty psyched for Borderlands 2 here at Dealspwn. Jon got to sit in on a behind closed doors demo last month at GamesCom, and came away very impressed. And while the original is a much loved modern-day classic, it's UI - especially on the PC - drew much criticism for its shoddy quality. However, that's all changed the second time around, with Gearbox throwing out the old UI and starting "from scratch" for the sequel.

"The UI was rebuilt from scratch [for Borderlands 2]," reveals art director Jeramy Cooke. "We were really disappointed with how the UI turned out on PC, and consoles for split-screen and low-def." The PC UI for Borderlands irked fans you expected more from the nominally PC-centric studio, whereas the issues with split-screen and standard definition displays on consoles - while standard fare nowadays - was still rather aggravating.

"We’re doing custom UI for every platform and you’ll see the main UI is all vertical format so that when do side split screen you can still see everything on your screen and still use it properly," Cooke explains. "On PC you’re going to have drag-and-drop, like a full mouse-driven interface. We had a ton of PC users and we feel like we didn’t take care of them very well, so this time we want to make sure that they get an awesome experience."

Cooke revealed it was simple a matter of "time" that prevented Gearbox from ironing out these issues in the first game, but with an established fan-base and more publisher support for a sequel, Borderlands 2 is looking likely to blow us all away come next year. [Beef Jack]

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