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Borderlands Legends Outed For iOS

Jonathan Lester
Borderlands, Borderlands Legends, Gearbox Software, iOS

Borderlands Legends Outed For iOS

Borderlands will be blasting onto iOS this month in the form of Borderlands Legends, a mobile-optimised experience that features thousands of weapons, randomised missions and characters from the original game. Oh, and something called a "strategic cover stystem." Uh...right.

Despite not being formally announced by Gearbox yet, fans discovered the listing in Gearbox's digital game guide. Apparently Borderlands heroes Mordecai, Lilith, Roland and Brick will return to kill enemies, earn experience, get randomised guns and reveal in the phattest of loots.

Gameplay details are at a premium, though a "strategic cover system" seems to play a role.

We'll naturally keep an eye on Gearbox over the coming week, who are recently obsessed with making surprise announcements.

Borderlands Legends Outed For iOS

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