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Boulder Dash Rocks! £4.99 @ Play [DS Games]

Lydia Low
Boulder Dash, DS games
Nintendo DS

Boulder Dash Rocks! £4.99 @ Play [DS Games]

One of my earliest memories of gaming is playing Epsilon, Gauntlet, Boulder Dash and Truckin'; a thrilling tale of ferrying goods aroung a city, on my elder sister's Amstrad. I was hopeless at them all except the latter but nonetheless hugely excited by this technological marvel and whole new way to have fun. I have not seen anything of the Boulder Dash series since then, though it has been through a few incarnations, but it is nice to discover that it is still going and now has been lovingly revamped for the DS . Play are selling it for just £4.99 which is £3 less than the next best price from a retailer who has the game in stock.

The gameplay has not changed from the 80s original with you controlling a jewel hunter by the name of Rockford as he collects gems and, um, dashes out of the path of boulders. Apparently Rockford's thirst for the world's biggest piece of bling is all down to his desire to impress the love of his life. He's an unlikely romantic hero being decidedly blue and blob-like but at least he has a winning smile. There are four different worlds, each filled with levels which allow you to exit to victory as soon as you have obtained enough sparklers. It starts simple but quickly ramps up the difficulty with the entrance of enemies and trapdoors and new ways to move the boulders that mean you have to think a lot more strategically.

Critics haven't given Boulder Dash the best of scores but it does seem to fair better amongst us civilians. It's pretty addictive with a nice difficulty curve and lots of interesting variation across the levels to keep your interest and for such a bargain price it's hard to complain.Boulder Dash Rocks! £4.99 @ Play [DS Games]

Thanks to Rhys135 @ Hotukdeals!

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Jasper Carrot  Oct. 21, 2009 at 21:49

Rockford looked nothing like that. He's the wrong colour for a start!


Lydia Low  Oct. 22, 2009 at 12:46

Haha, yeah, i was looking at some of the artwork from the original game after writing this and, well, Rockford has had quite a makeover :|


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