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Braid £3.06 @ Impulse [PC Download]

Lydia Low
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Braid £3.06 @ Impulse [PC Download]

Johnathon Blow's Braid was no insignificant accomplishment and showed the world just what an independent developer could achieve, with a game that outclassed all but the best titles realised by the massive developers in 2008.

New digitial download site Impulse is currently offering Braid with 50% off, meaning that you can pick it for just £3.06, less than half the price that Steam are asking now that their holiday sale is over and the price is back to £6.99. Other download sites such as PC Game Store, Greenhouse and Gamer's Gate are also asking for significantly more, making this a great deal from Impulse.

As Braid's hero, Tim, you embark upon a desperate search for the princess that you love, who has been stolen away by a monster. As you progress through the quest you will unlock story books which cryptically unveil the tale of Tim and the princess's relationship. This unusual narrative style imbues the game with a wistful and enigmatic mood that is likely to stay with you long after you finish playing.

On the surface the game appears like a fairly typical platformer (albeit one with very pretty and unusual visuals), with linear 2D landscapes to traverse and enemies that can be dispatched with a swift leap atop their craniums. However, the key to Braid's gameplay and puzzles does not lie in how you progress through space as much as how you progress through time.

Braid is a truly beautiful and unique game that adds real creedence to the assertion that video games can be art (See our Saira review for a similar watercolour feel). It has received virtually unanimous praise and now that it is frequently available at such a bargain price there's no excuse not to experience it for yourself.

Thanks to Cuddy at Hotukdeals!

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Matt Gardner  Jan. 9, 2010 at 20:28

Fantastic game

Emma Kelly  Jan. 10, 2010 at 18:07

Beautiful game, well worth £3. Though I'll be the first to admit I had to keep googling for help - I found it very difficult.


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