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Braid £4.95 @ Direct2Drive [PC Games]

Marius Goubert
Braid, PC games, Platform games

Braid £4.95 @ Direct2Drive [PC Games]With well rendered visuals, challenging gameplay and a thoughtful story, Braid is a 2d platform game which boldly proves that this classic format is far from dead and buried. So if you’re interested in acquiring a copy, the game is available for download priced £4.95 from direct2drive. This is about half the price on the next best deal, although bear in mind that this offer only lasts until the 2nd of  August.

The story of Braid follows the quest of the main character Tim who, after making some sort of mistake, loses a beautiful princess. The game involves collecting pieces of various works of art which, when assembled, tell Tim’s evocative story. IGN describe the story as one about regret which is in ‘sharp contrast’ to the more traditional platform game narratives.

In terms of gameplay, Braid is a bit like Super Mario with its fast pace and need for quick reflexes. However, it is also more forgiving in the sense that when dead, the player is able to rewind time and try again. But although this may sound a bit too convenient, this rewind ability is incorporated into the gameplay in numerous interesting ways.

On the downside the game is not all that long and can be completed by a determined player in a matter of hours. However it is also very challenging which might not be to the liking of gamers who are easily frustrated. Overall, Braid offers an interesting and original take on a classic format, and is definitely worth a go for anyone looking for something slightly different.

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Ben  Jul. 30, 2009 at 16:30

Need to edit out the last five words of your final sentence there.

A beautiful, beautiful game that doesn't really make much sense - and is all the better for it.


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