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Brand New Mass Effect 3 Images To Go Wild Over

Felix Kemp
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Mass Effect 3

Brand New Mass Effect 3 Images To Go Wild Over

Calm down, calm down. Order, people, order! No need to push, you can all lay eyes on the new Mass Effect 3 screenshots right here. Revealed by Game Informer - who'll be staggering all the content from their recent preview online, I expect - the two new images show Shepard engaged in a firefight with Cerberus forces on the - as yet unnamed - Salarian home-world, along with a lens flare-tastic shot of the Illusive Man's shock-troopers.

Obviously touched up a bit, I wouldn't expect Mass Effect 3 to look this good, and if I forcible detach myself from hyperbole and fandom there's not much here to get excited for. Shepard in combat, sans the new-and-improved HUD or sign of squad-mates, and then a neat profile shot of three Cerberus troopers decked out in fancy space-armor. And I've got to say, I'm not digging the Salarian home-world. It's far too safe and Citadel-esque; don't be afraid to go full alien, Bioware! And if you missed our earlier expose, Mass Effect 3 features a new Heavy Melee class to bash in heads with. Hoorah! [Game Informer]

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