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Matt Gardner

As some of you may have noticed, there've been a few changes going on here on Dealspwn over the past couple of months, and I'd like to take the opportunity to fill you all in on what's going on, and what to expect over the course of 2014.

Fewer bulletins, more features

One of the biggest changes, and one I'm sure many of you will have spotted, is that we're scaling our news coverage back enormously. We'll still post a couple of stories a day that interest us most, or posts that we think might be of service to you, our readers, or at least spark some debate, but we're going to be focussing much more on opinion pieces and comment articles instead. There are plenty of larger, media-backed sites in a better position to provide blanket news coverage, so we're going to be turning our critical eyes upon the most interesting stories and trying to spark up some conversation.

We're lucky in that we often enjoy a healthy comments section when it comes to the stuff we post, and we'd like to try and facilitate that more. Our position has always been that the posts that go up here are starting points for discussion, never the last word.

Giving the people what they want

What we cover, that is to say the material that we put out, is therefore going to be much more fluid. We're still going to be reviewing and previewing as many games that come our way as possible, but now we'll have time to go deeper into certain titles, and greatly expand coverage on games that people want to read and hear about. We want to take community feedback across the site, social media, and the YT channel as much as possible, and incorporate your opinions into our output. There'll be a new staff page going live soon with email and Twitter details for all staff, so you can get in contact with us more easily, and the Games and Platforms Q&A forums are a great place to make suggestions too.

The WildStar coverage we've been doing is a perfect example of coverage spurred on by community feedback. The game isn't out yet, but it still commands a massive fan base, many of whom have asked us directly for more coverage, more info, and more videos. If there's a game you want to see more of, let us know and we'll make it so. Similarly for features such as the new Game Night, or if you'd like to see a particular feature of a game explored in Dealspwn Playthrough, drop us an email or a Tweet or a comment onsite, and we'll try to make sure that it happens. We're hoping to bring Blast From The Past back as a regular video feature too, so the same will be true for that as well: if there's something you want to see featured, hit us up.

New regular features

Slimming down our output in terms of numbers allows us the freedom to do a few more of these. There are a few that have been launched already and some still to come, but here's the lowdown thus far:

Dealspwn Reload - The perfect way to start your week! A new video series in which Carl recaps some of the more weird and wonderful stories from the industry in the previous seven days, before rounding up all of the new releases and onsite features for the week to come. Airs Monday afternoons.

Top Ten Tuesdays - A semi-regular feature that's fairly self-explanatory really. We just really like alliteration. Published, as you might have guessed, on Tuesday.

Game Night - Video series that sees the team play a new game each week with typically bizarre results. Airs Thursday evenings.

Game Buzz - Our regular, half-hour, news-based podcast that takes a look at the hottest stories of the previous seven days. Airs Saturday lunchtime.

We're also planning to bring back Blast From The Past and Why We Love/Hate as semi-regular features, but probably revamped as video features. As always, if there's anything you'd like to more of, or if you have any suggestions.


Increasing video content

We made a commitment towards the end of last year to really start pushing video content. To be honest, if we'd had the equipment earlier, we would have starting hitting YouTube hard long before, but it's something that's going to expand in terms of video reviews and previews, Let's Plays, video interviews, Dealspwn Playthroughs, and opinion-stuffed vlog pieces too. We doubled our subscriber count in the last quarter, and we're only just getting started.

Dealspwn Playthrough will continue to serve as an umbrella under which we can look at specific aspects to certain games in an informative and insightful manner. This is where you'll find explanatory, helpful videos that take a look at gameplay mechanics, design aspects, and so on.

But alongside, that, expect to see more informal impressions videos and, where there's demand, multi-episode LPs. As stated previously, we'll also be guided by our community. We'll attempt to cover as much as we possibly can, but quite frankly you're our priority. If there's something you'd like us to explore, a game you'd like to see featured or picked apart, let us know.


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