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Breathtaking New Ni No Kuni Trailer

Jonathan Lester
JRPG, Level 5, Ni no Kuni, PS3 games, Studio Ghibli, trailer

Breathtaking New Ni No Kuni Trailer

Level-5 has released a truly beautiful new trailer for their upcoming RPG featuring visual design from the world-reknowned animation house Studio Ghibli. Ni No Kuni has recently been dated for November 17th in Japan as a PS3 exclusive, but a Western release has already been confirmed. Watch this space... and the trailer below.

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skywebstudios  Sep. 6, 2011 at 07:37

Oh my god those graphics! Amazing is all I can say, loving the anime feel! Level-5 are unbeatable at the moment. They are doing what Square did years ago, actually making decent looking games!


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