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Brink DLC Due In July

Felix Kemp
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Brink DLC Due In July

Jon dropped our second review for Brink just two days ago - focusing on the console versions of Splash Damage's ambitious shooter. Despite the change in platform, he awarded it the exact same score it received upon release, cementing Brink's place as a solid if uninspiring addition to 2011's jam-packed roster. But if you're a regular Brink player, you might be happy to hear the first round of DLC is due next month. For free!

Originally intended for release at the end of June - so just about now, then - Agents of Change adds two new environments to muck around in and five new player abilities to muck around with. A further two new outfits and an identical number of additional weapon attachments round out the offering, which, again, will cost you absolutely nothing. Zilch!

For two weeks, at least. Agents of Change will be up on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live in early July and will be free for exactly two weeks. Following those fourteen days, Bethesda is likely to up the cost. Furthermore, Splash Damage is adding the finishing touches to a major title update aimed at fixing wayward AI and weapon tweaks while polishing the online features. The update has been tailored to address community feedback.

The title update will launch alongside Agents of Change in early July. PC owners, however, can download the former right now! We'll have a review of Agents for Change and the title update when they're both released. [Splash Damage]

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Jonathan Lester  Jun. 24, 2011 at 16:42

This is fantastic news for Brink players - and it's good that Splash Damage have finally set a date (it was supposed to roll out before the end of this month). If the title update genuinely fixes some of the AI issues and mechanical gripes, it may even serve to modify the review score. Here's hoping.

Late  Jun. 24, 2011 at 21:47

Whilst this is certainly a welcome addition, and no-one can gripe at the price, I'm a little disappointed there's no mention there of new game modes. New maps is all well and good - but I would happily stick with just the maps we've got if they'd just add some new objectives/games to play on them.

If they're avoiding putting some CTF or S&D type stuff in there because it's uninspired then they're cutting off their own noses...

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