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Brink Sales Dominated By Xbox 360

Jonathan Lester
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Still No Steam Version?

Brink Sales Dominated By Xbox 360

As I noted earlier this morning, Brink has become the UK's highest selling videogame this week - but with massively skewed adoption rates across its three formats. Xbox 360 sales provided a whopping 69% of the total amount, with PS3 sales weighing in at a paltry 23%. PC sales stand at a meagre 8%. The reasons behind this disparity are a mix of the obvious and the worrying, and we have the full story below.

It doesn't take a six-figure analyst to work out why PS3 sales have suffered. Bethesda went ahead with last week's launch despite the Playstation Network still being offline and we can expect the ratio to normalise over the coming months. However, the schizophrenically-mixed review scores may put a crimp in its plans - and many PS3 owners will be too busy getting back into Killzone 3 and Black Ops to have time for another shooter in their lives.

The PC figures are a much more interesting issue. GFK Chart Track's PC sales data is always artificially low as it fails to take downloads into account... but Steam, the premier digital distribution platform, still hasn't released Brink despite three days having passed. Apparently Bethesda are "looking into" this strange turn of events [via EG], and it's unclear whether Valve have taken a stand against its technical issues or are just slightly slow on the uptake. We'll keep you updated.

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Echoblade  May. 16, 2011 at 16:15

That is a real shame it didn't sell better on the playstation and PC (not on steam etc). It proves Xbox owners will literally buy anything that goes bang... pity that as it is much better on the PC.


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