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BROFORCE BROtally BROdacious VideBRO Preview | BROfessional Journalism!

Jonathan Lester
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BROFORCE BROtally BROdacious VideBRO Preview | BROfessional Journalism!


It's all in the name. This cooperative run & gun platformer is utterly outrageous in all the right ways, letting us control awesome homages to classic action movies and throwing us into massively destructible levels in the name of RIDICULOUS ACTION. BROchete? BRO Dredd? Indiana BROnes? Brade? BROdell Walker? The BROminator? They're all there, and more besides, all ready to make stuff explode in the most epic of ways.

As an example, Carl took down a helicopter with a katana. Not unlike a boss.

We'll bring you a more in-depth preview soon, but here's what happened when Carl and I got to grips with BROFORCE at EGX Rezzed. Forget professionalism, because we've got BROfessionalism. Which is just as good, except with 100% more high fives and naked from the waist up.

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