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Broken Age is only £6.45 on Steam, well half of it anyway

Jonathan Lester
Adventure Games, Broken Age, PC games

Broken Age is only £6.45 on Steam, well half of it anyway

The second half of Broken Age has been delayed into 2015, because Double Fine doesn't know how to produce, budget or timetable effectively, but you can get the first half and the second when it's ready at a massive discount on Steam. A 66% saving brings £18.99 down to £6.45, which is much more like it and a nice cheap PC deal.

"Broken Age's first act does just about enough to stand alone, though it really wasn't supposed to be this way, and that's clearly evident in a game that's slow to start and ends just as it hits its stride." writes Matt in our Broken Age: Part 1 review. "However, gorgeous visuals, cracking performances, and a wonderfully-written script that manages to perfectly blend the serious and the surreal make Broken Age worth a look at this early stage. But we won't be putting a score on it until the whole thing is in our hands.

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