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Brothers In Arms: Hells Highway £9.99 @ Shopto [PS3 Games]

Marius Goubert
Brothers in Arms, First person shooter, PS3 games
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Brothers In Arms: Hells Highway £9.99 @ Shopto [PS3 Games]No conflict has found itself the subject of as many computer games spin offs as – what has become in recent years - everyone’s favourite war of all time: World War Two. The whole obsession seemed to begin with Saving Private Ryan; the film which really wet everyone’s appetite for gritty WWII drama. However it was the Brothers In Arms series which truly succeeded in providing gamers (who were having to make do with horribly linear titles like Medal of Honour or the slow–paced action of Hidden and Dangerous) with that WWII buzz they really yearned for.

Currently, you can relive the horrors of the American 101st Airborne division complete with a harrowing step by step account from Sgt Matt Baker, for just £9.99 from Shopto. This is the cheapest deal currently available according to price comparison.

Hell’s Highway is the third edition to the Brothers in Arms series. It follows the tale of Matt Baker and his squad – portrayed in the first instalment Road to Hill 30 after they parachuted into Normandy the night before D-Day – as they embark on Operation Market Garden. Of course anyone who has seen the film A Bridge Too Far or watched the cheesy Band of Brothers adaptation will know it all goes spectacularly wrong. And yes, it’s all the fault of us cocky Brits and our overrated General Montgomery (or so the Americans like to argue!).

The game itself features the same squad based combat we’re all used to from the prior editions. However there are some new features to Hell’s Highway including Bazooka and Machine Gun teams. The health system is apparently not quite as harsh which should help to reduce game rage, and the situational awareness mode has been replaced with a tactical map which is a bit easier to manage. Apparently the game also features ‘historically accurate recon maps’ which sounds great, but given the whole Arnhem offensive went wrong because the British failed to spot hundreds of Panzer tanks waiting for them in the Dutch forest, maybe that’s not such a good thing after all.Brothers In Arms: Hells Highway £9.99 @ Shopto [PS3 Games]

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