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Brutal Legend £10.85 @ ShopTo [Xbox 360 Games]

Matt Gardner
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Brutal Legend £10.85 @ ShopTo [Xbox 360 Games]

This is the one game from the last twelve months that I have to say I was really very excited about playing before its release and then somehow never quite managed to get around to playing it, which is bizarre considering I absolutely adore Tim Schafer's work from the Nineties, and I was truly mesmerised by the artistic vision of Psychonauts. Brutal Legend is another artistic masterpiece from Schafer, its game world is stunning and filled with metal legends. It's just a shame that the gameplay doesn't quite match up.

ShopTo are currently offering this Jack Black fronted paean to all things rock for just over £10 at the moment, more than £2 less than nearest competitors HMV.

Brutal Legend tells the story of Eddie Riggs, the World's Greatest Roadie, who accidentally gets killed at a gig and transported to a strange world of heavy metal, created by The Fire Beast Ormagöden. Anyway, to cut a long story short, the metal-loving humans have been overrun and enslaved by the evil Emperor Doviculus and glam rock minions and its up to Eddie to free them with the power of his axe and a bit of help from a mini-pantheon of rock gods such as Lemmy, Rob Halford and Ozzy.

Despite having jumped into the boots of roadie Eddie Riggs numerous times on other people's machines, I can't bring myself to buy this one myself. The Schaferean vision is a strong as ever, in fact this might just be one of the finest games he's ever envisaged, but that creativity's execution is a little muddled in this case. The difficulty comes with the uneasy marriage between the action-adventure elements and the RTS gameplay, neither of which are fully developed enough to carry the game on its own. The latter, especially, suffers from poor controls and a fairly large lack of tactical potential.

It's not a dealbreaker and, to be honest, a tenner is a fantastic price for this game (so good I might have to finally revise my buying hesitancy). Once again, sinking yourself into the wacky world of Tim Schafer is an absolute treat, just bear in mind that the opening couple of hours - not to mention the demo - are somewhat misleading.

Thanks to Moka-Bear at HUKD

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Matt Gardner  Apr. 26, 2010 at 12:15

UPDATE: I got tipped over the edge, I took the plunge, I dealt my hand.

Brutal Legend just got bought.

Chris  Apr. 26, 2010 at 13:26

I've had this game since the Argos glitch and I have to say was rather pleased with it. It's definitely worth a punt at this price, and rather enjoyable on the whole :) It is a little hit and miss sometimes, but generally good - And it has the best soundtrack to ever grace the gaming world, which is as good a reason as any! :D

Brendan Griffiths  Apr. 26, 2010 at 13:33

The soundtrack makes this game.

Shame about the RTS stuff, that ruined it for me. To be honest though, everything else was awesome. The exploring, the design, the characters, the lot. I usually hate Jack Black too.

Chris  Apr. 26, 2010 at 15:52

Yeah, I wasn't overly impressed with the RTS either, but it was a valiant effort (RTS shouldn't be attempted on consoles in my opinion...).

I rather like JB. Guess that's due to my teenage Tenacious D additiction :D


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