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Brutal Legend £6.99 @ Argos [Xbox 360 Games]

Tom Silkstone
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Brutal Legend £6.99 @ Argos [Xbox 360 Games]

Ever wondered what would happen if guitar hero, a beat em up, and a dash of comedy were spliced together? Well, wonder no more because Brutal Legend would probably be the outcome.

You can grab a copy of the game on the 360 for £6.99 from Argos, which is just over £3.50 cheaper than the next best price of £10.63 coming in from Amazon. Unfortunately home delivery isn't an option at the moment, but you can reserve your copy in store to pick up later.

Jack Black plays Eddie Riggs, the ultimate metal roadie who's become fed up with the posers that he has to work with and wishes he could go back to the golden age of the music he holds so dear. Sadly, Riggs is injured during the course of one of the band's gigs and ends up in a demon dimension, where he has to battle hordes of monster with nothing more than an old axe and his precious guitar.

The majority of your time'll be spent hacking beasties to pieces, but you'll also get to ride around in a ridiculously tuned up car, and charge shrines by performing a face melting solo on the guitar. The controls are pretty simple and your staple moves including quick decapitations with your axe, or unleashing the hidden powers of electricity and fire that your guitar hold.

There's a good amount of gore included in the game as well as an ample helping of foul mouthed obscenities, which reminded me of Conker's Bad Fur Day, but both add to the charm of the game rather than hindering it.

This is nowhere near the best game in the world but it's a great laugh, and if you're a Jack Black fan then it's definitely worth grabbing.

Thanks to whizzkid @ HUKD

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