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Buggy Silent Hill HD Collection Patched On PS3

Jonathan Lester
Konami, Patch, PS3 games, Silent Hill HD Collection

Buggy Silent Hill HD Collection Patched On PS3

The Silent Hill HD Collection should have been one of this year's most exciting releases, but it turned out to be a bit of a botch job. PS3 owners suffered the worst, with dodgy framerate, missing sound, horrendous lip synch and a grab bag of other issues to contend with.

Luckily a PS3 patch is now available, according to the Silent Hill Community forums. It's about time, since Brendan called out the lack of care and attention as "appalling" in our 6/10 review.

Here are the brief patch notes:

• Improved Framerate

• Voice Synch is greatly improved

• Missing sounds have been fixed

• Missing music has been addressed

• Fog density issues are resolved

• Other minor visual/audio improvements

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