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Build A Bundle 5 | Groupees | PC

Jonathan Lester
Indie Games, PC games

  • What: Any combination of Storm in a Teacup, Marvin's Mittens, Dawnstar, Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee + Exoddus. Nethergate: Resurrection, Spellforce Platinum, Lume & Dawning
  • Where: Groupees
  • Current Price: Roughly £0.47 each

Groupees' Build A Bundle is back, though the games aren't quite as heavy-hitting as we're used to. It's a good opportunity to check out some unknown quantities like Marvin's Mittens (an interactive children's book - one for the kids) and Lume, or stock up on some classic Oddworld games. Sadly, Dawnstar is a real mess and should be avoided even by space sim fans.

As per usual, you can buy any combination of these games (a minimum of 2 for $1.50), and the price will modify accordingly. Note that some games only register on Desura, however.

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targetbsp  Mar. 21, 2013 at 10:19

Marvins Mittens is well worth a go even for adults. Rather than being for kids, it reminds you what its like to be a kid. It's not exactly challenging - there's no way to die. But I hate casual games as a rule and yet love this. It's kind of Calvin and Hobbes in platform game form. There's a generous demo anyway so you can give it a go before spending your 47p on it. :)


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