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Build A Greenlight Bundle 2 | £3.22 | Groupees | PC

Jonathan Lester
Indie Games, PC games

Build A Greenlight Bundle 2 | £3.22 | Groupees | PC

  • What: Darkout, Grimind, Ichi, Gravi, Little Racers STREET, Enamel, Crow, Draconian Wars and Death Ray Mantra
  • Where: Groupees
  • Current Price: £3.22 for the lot, or approx. £0.49 individually

The latest Build A Greenlight Bundle lets us pick and choose from a selection of games that want to make the big time. You can cherry pick or grab them all for less than £4 (with a cumulative saving) - and our suggestions would be Death Ray Mantra and Darkout as a decent starting point.

If you like these games, go vote for them on Greenlight!

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targetbsp  Apr. 23, 2013 at 10:26

Gravi and Little Racers Street are great. I've died 150 times in the first 8 levels of Gravi and I'm still loving it. I normally hate these hard core platformers.

Crow is intriguing but there's not all that much actual game play to it and I don't think it'll have much replay value but you can't go far wrong for the price for something that's likely different to anything you've played before.


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