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Bulletstorm DLC Announced, Due In Spring

Felix Kemp
Bulletstorm, Games news

Bulletstorm isn't even out yet - only two days now - but already Epic and People Can Fly have announced some DLC which should hit in Spring. The Gun Sonata Pack features three new maps for the Anarchy mode, where up to four can team up to deliver all the testicle-pulverizing, cranium-shattering joy that can be had; another two maps for Echo mode, where you speedrun bite-sized portions of the campaign; and two new Leash enhancements, the Flamingo and the Pulp. Saucy!

So, the Anarchy mode maps; one is set in the Sewers of Stygia, which I doubt is a very nice place at all. Who wants to bet it includes copious references to fecal matter and urine content? The second is Hotel Elysium, which might be the same collapsed building you traversed in the demo; only not so collapsed. And the final map is set in the open sprawl of a Bulletstorm villa. All three sound fantastic.

The Echo maps, however, sound even better! Crash Site puts you in the shell-shocked boots of a band of Final Echo soldiers who crash-landed on Stygia when Greyson Hunt drunk-drove his spaceship into theirs'. Guns of Stygia, on the other hand, focuses on an imprisoned commando escaping his captor's jail, which again is ripe with immature promise.

The Leash upgrades sound interesting, too, but a little vague. Apparently, they make it even more enjoyable to kill with style? Whether they actually impact the gameplay with different mechanics or if they're simply a cosmetic change remains to be seen, but I'm holding out for the former. Bulletstorm drops this Friday, and you can count on us to deliver a review to help aid your purchase! [Vegivo]

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dave  Feb. 23, 2011 at 02:51

theres already some bulletstorm dlc on the marketplace


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