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Bungie Aerospace Reveal Set For 'Halo Day'

Josh Clark
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Bungie Aerospace Reveal Set For 'Halo Day'

We still know next to nothing about Bungie's mysterious new brand/IP/aviation platform Bungie Aerospace, and it seems as though the company will be remaining tight-lipped about the affair until July 7th, when they are set to lift the veil on BA.  Some had ventured that Aerospace was the name assigned to Bungie's new iPhone and mobile applications in development, but the revelation that Bungie Mobile was just that has stoked the fires of speculation once again.

Bungie's 20-year anniversary is coming up, and to celebrate, the company are running a series of giveaways and auctions from June 23rd to their self-proclaimed 'Bungie Day' on July 7th, when they're going to "tell you, in explicit detail, exactly what Bungie Aerospace is all about."

Bungie community man 'Urk' has helped to build some of the excitement surrounding the imminent reveal:

The wait will be agonizing for us. Every single moment spent plotting and scheming and lying in wait. Every second another dark and maddening eternity.

For you, it will end in a single, breathless moment. The promise of this universe will unfold in front of your eyes unspoiled by the incremental machinations of its development process, and now, for the second time as I collect my thoughts about our past, present, and future, I am jealous.

Bungie Aerospace Reveal Set For 'Halo Day'

Bungie bade farewell to the Halo franchise with Halo: Reach

He goes on to inform the readers that the team will be going "as dark as we've ever been.  No Halo news and no Weekly Updates. Not a peep about our next project (though Aerospace, whatever it is, is now all systems go and counting down to launch) for a good, long while."

Urk's mention of a 'new universe' displays some investment on Bungie's part in what is sure to be another fully fleshed out mythology, and it all sounds very, very exciting.  I suppose we'll have to start the long wait to July 7th in order to find out what on Earth Bungie Aerospace actually is.

What do you think readers?  Is Bungie Aerospace destined to follow in the footsteps of Master Chief and the Halo universe, or are Bungie prepping a real-life shuttle launch in search of brave new worlds?  Have your say in the comments below.


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