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Is Bungie Destined To Develop Destiny?

Felix Kemp
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Is Bungie Destined To Develop Destiny?

Ignore that horrendous title; but Bungie's next title might be dubbed Destiny, and be "downloadable from a global computer network". That's according to a recent trademark listing renewed by Podophobia Entertainment - an offshoot company set up by Bungie stalwarts, Harold Ryan and Marty O'Donnell. They first filed for the trademark in 2009, before renewing it this year in March.

Rumours have been rife with speculation that Bungie's next title is an MMO, and considering the trademark's aforementioned description - downloadable from a global network sounds pretty MMO-ish to us - Destiny may well be that title. We even have a logo, which an intrepid Neogaf sleuth noticed a certain Bungie employee wearing at the Penny Arcade expo. Bungie has already distanced themselves from E3, with stokes the flames even more. MMOs are a big investment, and Activision will need to allocate Bungie considerable time to rough up a version polished enough for public consumption. [Eurogamer]

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