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Bungie: "You'll Have The Option" Of Playing Destiny Solo

Matt Gardner
Activision, Bungie, Destiny

Bungie: "You'll Have The Option" Of Playing Destiny Solo

Bungie have reiterated that you'll absolutely be able to play Destiny solo should you wish, though the developers rather wager that you'll have less fun if you do.

"Video games matter to people for very different reasons," the developers wrote in the latest Bungie mailbag, responding to a question fretting about the purported MMOFPS alienating offline RPG fans.

"Players who come from expansive universes found in MMOs might enjoy exploring our worlds, assuming they can handle the fact that we're filling them with the explosive threats and heart pounding action that we think makes games fun. RPG players will be able to invest pretty deeply in their character, assuming their aim is true enough to earn the rewards they'll need to earn new loot, weapons, and gear."

Indeed, it's a hot topic at the moment, and not just for Bungie. Respawn have had to field questions about this matter too, replying that their game -- Titanfall -- will be multiplayer-only. But Destiny is a different kind of game, something rather more expansive and ambitious in terms of scale and scope.

"As for playing solo, this question still comes to us a lot, and we're happy to answer it again," the piece continues. "The company you keep, the challenges you tackle, the war you wage will all be products of the choices you make.

"If you never want to have a cooperative or competitive experience in Destiny, and if you want to experience every cinematic in private, you'll have the option. We believe you'll be having way less fun, and we think you may find it really difficult to resist the pull of our cooperative vortex, but when we say we're building activities for every mood, that includes players who don't want to party up."

Questions remain of course, though. How will this affect balancing and difficulty scaling? Thinking back to Borderlands 2, there were one or two peripheral-threatening moments of devilish difficulty if you were playing solo. We'll hopefully have more answers after Gamescom in a few weeks.

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