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New Bungie Project Codenamed "Tiger"

Jonathan Lester
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New Bungie Project Codenamed "Tiger"

"Incredibly Ambitious" Title Will Be A "Game-Changer"

Now that Bungie has severed their ties with the Halo franchise, they're free to focus on their new IP in partnership with Activision. Their newly-released documentary entitled O Brave New World provides a fitting tribute to the last twenty years of FPS development (and is well worth a watch for any self-respecting fan), but as well as some tear-jerking nostalgia, the development team have dropped some interesting new hints about their next project.

Bungie have confirmed that the new title is currently codenamed "Tiger" and that it "absolutely will be a game-changer in the way that Halo was a game-changer." Not only that, but a familiar logo and snippets of what could be work in progress also make an appearance. We've got the vidoc - as well as some grabs and commentary - below.

First things first. Here's the vidoc, and I highly recommend watching it in its hour-long entirety.

Now onto the juicy new details. Tiger will apparently be an "incredibly ambitious" project that's like "nothing you've ever seen before." The logo, briefly seen during the very end of the video, is actually the logo used by fake corporation Podophobia who filed the trademark for Destiny back in May.

New Bungie Project Codenamed "Tiger"

A brief yet unfamiliar piece of footage was also featured in the vidoc - which shows a series of windmills on a barren hillside. It's unclear whether this is work in progress, concept art or even an unrelated project... but I'll let you be the judge of that.

New Bungie Project Codenamed "Tiger"

Naturally, details are still very thin on the ground, but that hasn't stopped the ever jovial Bungie staffers from taking about it. Apparently, Tiger will be set in a universe where "crazy sh*t can happen."

You feel responsible for not just telling an isolated story, but for building a universe that at some point is going to become more the fans' than it is oursIt's going to take a life of its own.

How can anything be bigger than Halo? Well. We'll find out.

Colour us excited. We'll keep an eye on the situation over the coming months, though I wouldn't be surprised if things go dark for a while - followed by all manner of ARG chicanery.

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