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Buy the death of AAA on the Vita for £12.85

Brendan Griffiths
Call of Duty: Black Ops II Declassified, FPS games, PS Vita games

Buy the death of AAA on the Vita for £12.85

Ever been curious to see exactly which game put off third-party developers making triple A PS Vita games? Here's a game that had enormous potential on Son'y massively powerful handheld. We finally had two analogue sticks on a handheld device, meaning shooters should have been a popular source of income for devs. But then this happened. This deal will save you a fiver at least over the other sites.

An excerpt from my loving reviewThis is a huge blow for the PS Vita. The handheld really needed some killer apps from third-party publishers to convert hesitant gamers. Nintendo probably sent Nihilistic roses for giving their competitor such a rotten apple. Nihilistic have since reorganised and renamed their company and shifted towards mobile titles. When you think of all the decent studios that went under in 2012, you can’t help but wish they’d gone too. Some of the blame must also rest with Activision, who should have stepped in to avoid such damage to be inflicted on the otherwise excellent Call of Duty brand. Are there any third-party developers still out there capable of bringing a Triple-A title to the Vita? The signs are not looking promising right now.

Thanks to Gaeokerena.

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