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Buzz!: The Ultimate Music Quiz

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Buzz!: The Ultimate Music Quiz
  • PSP from £ 19.85

Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz With Buzzers | £14.98 | Amazon, Game & Gamestation | PS3

Tom Silkstone
Music games, PS3 games, Quiz Games, Relentless Software, Sony Computer Entertainment
Buzz!: The Ultimate Music Quiz | Playstation 3

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a music buff, then why not put down your copy of NME, stop strumming your guitar, and take a break from heading out to the latest gig, by picking up a buzzer and testing your knowledge of all things musical with a quiet evening in front of your TV as you play Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz. The merchants listed above are parting with copies of the game for £14.98, which'll save you just over £3 on the next best offer coming in from HMV. Also, this one includes some buzzers along with the game, so you can jump into things as soon as you get the box open!