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Cage: Being Divisive "Means You're Doing Something Meaningful"

Matt Gardner
Beyond: Two Souls, David Cage, Quantic Dream

Cage: Being Divisive "Means You're Doing Something Meaningful"

Does David Cage worry about being divisive with his games? No. For Cage it's actually something of a badge of honour, “because it means you’re doing something meaningful". According to the Quantic Dream boss, though games can indeed be all about “fun and adrenaline", Cage prefers that they “say something” and “maybe change you, even a tiny bit”.

"For me, the key question is: what do we want games to be?" he told OPM. "Are they just toys, are they just entertainment, and all you want is fun and adrenaline? That’s fine, I respect that. There’s nothing wrong with that. Or do we think that games can be a little bit more than that? That they could say something, actually?

“There are films or books that really changed me in one way or another. But with games, it seems that most are just about having a good moment, having fun and that’s it, and then you turn off your console and you forget about that. They can tell you something, like the best films or books, they can maybe change you, even a tiny bit; change who you are, what you think or how you see the world. Can they leave just an imprint in your mind so by the time you turn off your console you still think? They leave something in you? I hope that there will be more and more games that will have something to say and become a little bit more meaningful."

For Cage, there need to be more games out there dealing with subversive topics and emotions that reflect they way real people live in the real world.

“Games are quite shy at talking about different things, most are about facing hordes of monsters or saving the world or whatever," he said. "Few games actually talk about the real world, about real people, about their relationship, their emotions, their feelings, and I wish that there were more games having the courage to talk about more subversive topics. Talking about politics, sexuality, human relationships”.

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